Life Insurance Quotes

Take a few minutes to shop and compare life insurance quotes, this helps you find the lowest rates from the best carriers. Compare term life insurance premium rates, you will need to call me for whole life or universal life insurance quotes. You can compare rates for fully underwritten term policies as well as non medical term life policies on our site.

Sagicor Life

Shop and compare up to just under $400,000term life insurance from this highly rated carrier, A- by A.M. Best. The premiums are very low and you can have an approval in 2 to 3 days, that is if you qualify. You just need to answer a few health questions.

Banner Life, American General and ING

Shop and compare rates for up to $10,000,000from these top carriers. They are also highly rated by A.M.Best. The policies are fully underwritten, you will be required to do a medical exam. We have the examiner call you and come to your home or business to check out your health. The premiums for these policies are very low, you will be very happy with your policy.

A.M. Best rates these carriers you see very highly, we would not represent them if they were not highly rated. If you need and want life insurance you need go nowhere else, decide how much and what type of term insurance to buy, compare your life insurance quotes, click Request Application, complete the form and an agent will call you.

You will be surprised at how quickly you get your coverage.

If your interest is whole life or universal life insurance give me a call and I will give you the rates. I am licensed in 47 States at this time.